Susan Goodwyn Stith Mason

This is a picture of my great, great, great grandmother, Susan Goodwyn Stith Mason who was born in Stony Creek, Sussex County, Virginia area around 1833. She may have been the slave of a Dr Owens. She continued to be his assistant after slavery ended. She was also a midwife and delivered many babies in the Jarratt area of Sussex County area. According to the 1910 census, Susan had 11 children. She had 3 mates/spouses. The name of her first mate is not known. By him she had 2 children, Elizabeth Goodwyn and James Goodwyn. Elizabeth was born around 1852 and James around 1854. Richard Jackson Stith was the product of her union to J. Stith. Richard was probably born sometime between 1855 and 1858. Lastly, Susan married Robert Mason who was born around 1820. To this union was born Frank, Davy, Rosa, Rebecca, Martha and Katherine. All of Susan's children lived in Sussex, Greensville or Southampton Counties at some time during their adult lives. Most raised their families there, except Elizabeth. Her descendants have not been located. Nine (9) children have been located which leaves 2 children unaccounted for. One family story says that Susan had a child that was sold away during slavery. Could there have been 2?

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